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Our Disciplines & Industries

Chemical & Petrochemical

The Wolviston Group is the leading provider of Temporary and Permanent personnel of all disciplines within the Chemical & Petrochemical Industry.

We have 30 years experience of providing many of the world’s leading Chemical & Petrochemical companies exclusively from Director Level appointments through to Operations and every level in-between.

Supporting the sector during peaks and troughs, ensuring that manpower demands are met during peaks of business and managing the redeployment, of not only our own workforce, but that of our Clients in lean times.

Our access to the industries leading Companies and Contractors with total knowledge of the skills required ensures our place as an innovative leader in Chemical & Petrochemical recruitment.


Oil & Gas

A recent McKinsey report estimates that the Oil & Gas Industry demand for qualified and experienced Engineers will double in the next decade. The Wolviston Group, a leader in Oil & Gas recruitment, with significant presence in the UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East & Far East are ready for the challenges ahead.

With over 30 years experience providing permanent and temporary recruitment services to the industry Globally, access to the top 15 Oil & Gas recruitment websites, a 30 year network of Candidates and Clients coupled with a constantly improving in-house database we can identify the most suitable Candidates for the industry and mobilise safely and quickly, leaving our Clients with the ability to compete within this ever demanding industry without the worry of manpower.



The Pharmaceutical Industry is immensely valuable to the UK and contributes greatly to both the health of the population and the economy as a whole. Exports of Pharmaceutical products from the UK averages around £15 billion per annum. It is committed to working together with UK Government and the NHS to deliver value for money from medicines, better patient access to medicines and to ensure innovation and research are rewarded.

The Pharmaceutical industry invests more in R&D than any other industry in the UK, investing £12.1m per day.

The Wolviston Group clients include the UK’s leading Pharmaceutical companies and we are proud of our involvement providing motivated and dedicated Permanent and Temporary personnel.



Our Infrastructure surrounds us and we interact with it in someway during virtually every minute of every day. From turning on lights and taps during our first waking moments to the daily morning commute, through to cooking an evening meal and switching on the heating when the cold nights arrive, our lives would be extremely difficult without the people who design, construct and maintain our ever evolving infrastructure systems.

Our network of clients and candidates in the Infrastructure Sector covers most areas of the Developed and Developing World. From Power Generation to High Speed Rail Terminals and Telecommunications to Land Reclamation, Wolviston are proud to provide services to Design, Project Management and Contracting companies around the world and continue to explore new areas and locations.



Throughout the centuries Britain has been at the forefront of the metal processing industry. From the time of the Industrial Revolution, the engineering skills of the UK have shaped the future of metallurgy and metal production around the World. Initially metal industries were focused on the production of iron and steel, but over the past century they have diversified to encompass the range of non-ferrous metals including copper, zinc and aluminium.

The globalisation of steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals production resulted in the skills and engineering expertise of UK constructors of metallurgical plant now serving a market around the world.

The Wolviston Group has been involved in the metallurgy industry for since the companies inception and continues to be relied upon to provide engineering expertise both in the UK and Overseas.

Renewable Energy

The Kyoto Protocol, the international agreement linked to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, where protocol countries are under strict targets to reduce their CO2 emissions, has galvanised the Renewable Energy industry into developing alternative sources of energy.

The fastest growing source of electricity generation in the world today is Wind Energy. It is a clean, abundant and entirely renewable source of energy. As research evolves and technology matures it is set to become a major energy source for the coming century. Further investment in other renewable energies such as Solar, Wave & Tidal, Hydro and Bio-Energy are all set to reduce the world’s future dependency on fossil fuels.

The Wolviston Group has been at the forefront of recruitment within the Renewable Energy Sector devising a recruitment matrix for each industry to assist in identifying the transferable skills from alternative industries and attracting the right talent into this innovative industry.

We work with a varied client base of Clients, Operators, Renewable Developers, Energy Providers, Consultancies, Consortiums and Manufacturers to provide a comprehensive recruitment solution to this rapidly expanding marketplace where skilled workers are in high demand.


Nuclear power is generated using Uranium, which is a metal mined in various parts of the world.  The first large-scale nuclear power station opened at Calder Hall in Cumbria, England, in 1956. Some military ships and submarines have nuclear power plants for engines.

Nuclear power produces around 11% of the world’s energy needs, and produces huge amounts of energy from small amounts of fuel, without the pollution that you’d get from burning fossil fuels.

The Wolviston Group has provided skilled and experienced Consultants, Engineering, Project Controls and Project Services personnel to most of the Nuclear Power Stations in the UK either directly or indirectly through the professional companies who support the industry.

Public Sector

The Public Sector is one of the largest sectors of our economy controlled by the national and local governments, the part of an economy providing basic goods or services that are either not, or cannot be provided by the private sector.  To name but a few: police protection, fire fighting, local councils, prisons, taxation, and various social programs. The public sector overlaps with the private sector in producing or providing certain goods and services, most often seen in waste management, water management, health care, security services and shelters for homeless and abused people.

The Wolviston Group provide a professional and compliant Temporary Recruitment service to the Public Sector across various disciplines.  It is our intention in continuing to deliver a cost effective and friendly service which ensures that we are able to maintain and develop lasting relationships for both, the Candidate and the Client.


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